Coaching Certifications
coaching licensesAs a volunteer VYS coach or assistant coach you should to obtain a coaching license within 12 months to continue coaching in VYS.
Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) provides all the relevant modules and licenses twice a year on our own fields. The modules and licenses are also available through other local associations.
The following is a brief breakdown of the licensing process and available modules/licenses:
Recommended License (U5 & U6 age group):
* USSF “F” License Certificate Course
The following further education modules are available on a limited basis through VYS and the National Coaching Schools:

* USSF “D” License Course
* National Youth License Course
* USSF “C” License Course
* USSF “B” License Course
* USSF “A” License Course
More information about coaching course schedule:

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