Injury Prevention and Concussion Awareness

Unfortunately while enjoying the game you love and having fun with it, someone can get hurt.  It's inevitable and tough to deal with it especially when a player is severely hurt.

However, there are things coaches can do to prevent severe injury to their players and enjoy a long, flourishing season.  Simple things such as ensuring the playing enviroment is safe and conducive for players and their level of soccer, making sure all players are healthy and have the right equipment with them (shinguards, cleats, etc).

Educating parents is another integral part of Injury Prevention. The more parents know about how to help their player, the better prepared their player will be at determining how to help him/her self from avoiding risk and serious injury.

Tools --

Basic Checklist for Injury Prevention

VYS Concussion Policy

Free Online Concussion Training

VYS Head Injury Report Form

VYS Concussion Awareness Acknowledgement Form (doc)

CDC Heads Up Parents Fact Sheet

CDC Heads Up Athletes Fact Sheet


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