Positive Coaching Alliance Class
February 2013

Calling All VYS Coaches - Are You A Double Goal Coach? 

VYS Double Goal Coaches teach winning AND life lessons through soccer!

Learn how to become a more positive coach and how to use soccer to teach life lessons to your players.

Vienna Youth Soccer is partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance and offering the "Double Goal Coach 2" certificates. New and experienced VYS coaches will benefit from this 2 hour workshop.

Double-Goal Coach 2: “Culture, Practices and Games” (2 hour workshop) 

Some teams have fun, work hard and achieve great things. Most do not. This interactive workshop shows how great coaches build a culture that calls forth the best in people, including: 

· Elements of team culture that encourage athletes to give 100% effort
· “10-step Guide” to productive practice sessions that maximize results
· The Art of “Game Coaching” 

Date: February 13
Time: 7:00-9:00
Location: Kilmer Intermediate Lecture Hall G-107
RSVP: pca@vys.org
For more information: Rod Hines,  pca@vys.org

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