end of game snackU5 and U6 players, although still young, are beginning to gain more control over their bodies.

At the same time, anything is still new to them and they will require a lot of time and energy figuring out what their bodies can do, and how to use this developing coordination.

Soccer fitness and nutrition is important for a coach to understand.

Players at this age are not physically developed enough to focus on fitness as the priority. There is no sense of pace, which means these players rocket around the field as hard as they can for as long as they can and then must stop.

This means that players need to be substituted frequently and provided with ample water breaks during practice and matches. A common ritual at this age is “End of Game Snacks” for the team. We think this is a great team bonding experience and should be encouraged at this age.


Key components of teaching/learning - Physical:

  • Physical, movement/education through soccer
  • Body awareness
  • Balance - stay on their feet
  • Coordination – eye-hand and eye-foot
  • Agility – changing direction while in motion
  • Running; jumping; hopping; rolling; skipping
  • Introduce the idea of how to warm-up; stretching and movement education.
  • Gives the exercise 100% effort until fatigued
  • Quick to recover
  • Introduce awareness to the concept of “space” (the space my body is in)
  • Need plenty of room to move
  • Height, weight, and heart rates are similar between boys and girls

Article - Physical:


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