Pre-Season Staff Training
Fall 2015

Posted: July 27, 2015

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of last week, Vienna Youth Soccer conducted their pre-season staff training to support their Travel and House coaches with important training on the new philosophy at VYS.

VYS Technical Director (TD) Richard Gunney and his team of Assistants hosted the training, which incorporated theory presentations and practical coaching examples at Luther Jackson Middle School.

coaching clinic at luther jacksonWith over 50 coaches in attendance the group received detailed information on the new playing philosophy and practice format. The ethos of the training was to create a fun safe challenging environment for the players while striving to maximize development, equipping VYS players with the skills for the modern game.

Using video examples, presentations and group tasks, Richard stressed the importance of building a team of coaches at VYS all working towards one goal, working to the same philosophy and utilizing the new VYS Coaching Curriculum.

Assistant Technical Directors for younger age groups, Michel Vanderhart and Bill Delaney demonstrated to the group the important new structures coaches will follow for their first team practice of the week with the emphasis on technical and skill development through fun practices with multiple learning outcomes.

Assistant Technical Directors for older age groups, Kevin James and Hank Leung added further content on how players can look forward to a second practice heavily based on small-sided games again with multiple leaning outcomes. Physical development and possessing the fundamental movement patterns for soccer is imperative for soccer, so VYS will strive to support their players physical development but this will be catered for during fun challenging practices involving the ball.

With Barcelona in town to face Chelsea at the FedEx stadium this week it was fitting that the club under Richard's stewardship will be implementing an exciting new playing style of “possession with a purpose” as the club strives to educate their players on the roles of the modern day soccer player.

Hank Leung put a group of U16 and U17 boys through their paces encouraging them to press hard from the front defensively and build up their attacks.

coaching clinic at luther jacksonOn Friday, Travel Coaches Steve Lehaney and Kelley Iverson supported House coaches with practical examples of how to structure a practice with the emphasis on practices that allow the “game to be the teacher”. Coaches Lehaney and Iverson demonstrated the need for coaches to adjust the session to facilitate multiple repetitions of a technique or skill.

VYS TD Richard Gunney commented "I am thrilled with the attendance of our first coaching clinic this season and it was great to see so many of our coaches take time out to learn about our new methods. This will be the first of multiple events to support our coaches at VYS to continue developing, as it is so important in the modern day that you become a dedicated student of the game. We will be demanding high standards of ourselves to create the best possible environment for our players to develop and progress"

All materials from the In Service Staff Training will be available through the Age Group Commissioners and Assistant Technical Directors.

The next VYS Coaching Clinic will take place in mid September.

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