Field Closure Guidelines

field status alertHow Do We Know When Fields are Closed?

VYS will update the VYS website by 3:15pm each weekday. 
7:30am on weekends.
Please refer to the field status icon located in the top right hand column of the VYS website. At times, VYS may close fields eventhough Fairfax County has it listed as open. Since VYS maintains the VYS fields, please follow the VYS field closure status.
The field status key is as follows:  
  • Green Light = All Fields are open
  • Red Light = All Fields are closed 
  • Yellow Light = One or more fields are closed

By clicking on the Field Status Link, you can view a list of the exact field closures.

Questions? Please contact VYS Field Staff.


Inclement Weather Guidelines

If it’s just rain, we play!  The only time we will stop play is in the case of extreme inclement weather, temperature or thunder and lightning. Our coaches are experienced in making the appropriate decision should the weather become an issue. The safety and well-being of the children is our number one priority.

If it is raining please travel to the site unless otherwise directed, as decisions will be made by the head coach at the field, unless the fields are already closed and posted on the website.

All outdoor sessions will be cancelled if the temperature, taking the wind chill into consideration, is under 30F. 

We will make every effort to notify you in advance if we are cancelling due to inclement weather, however sometimes we have to make the decision at the field.  

Thunder and Lightning Guidelines

thunder and lightningAt the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder stop all field activities immediately and seek shelter indoors or in cars.
Do not wait for lightning to occur over the field you are playing on.  Do not resume play until 30 minutes after the last occurrence of lightning or thunder.

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