Reporting Lost or Found Items

lost and found box

To report lost or found items at  VYS soccer fields:

  • Contact the VYS webmaster by email, webmaster@vys.org.
  • Describe item, date, time, field name, game, teams, and any other information.
  • Provide your name, phone and/or email address.  Tell us if you don’t want your name and contact information listed on web.
  • If you are missing an item: be sure to check out the "Commissioner’s Box".  Many Age Group Commissioners use the "Commissioner’s Box" to store lost and found items.  The "Box" is located at the game field on Saturdays. Be sure to ask your designated Commissioner about it!
Fall 2014

Did you lose anything on the fields this season?  A few items of clothing were lost and found on fields.  Click "Continue" for more details.


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