House soccer players, U8 and above, are given the opportunity to play at a more competitive level in an All Stars Tournament each Fall and Spring season.

All currently registered VYS House players are eligible to play if selected. No carded Travel Players can participate in these recreation-oriented tournaments. 


If a coach wants to participate as an All Stars coach, he/she should fill out the All Stars Coach Application and send it to the VYS Administrator.  The application will be forwarded to the appropriate division Commissioner. The Commissioner will make the decision on who will be that division’s All Stars coaches and assistant coaches.  If you have any questions about All Stars, you may contact the VP of House Soccer.


The All Star season is in addition to, and not made part of, the regular House seasons. VYS supports and encourages player participation in All Stars tournaments each season. Such tournaments are highly competitive and, therefore, require a selection process for both players and coaches.

  1. VYS may sponsor at least one team from each age group to participate in an All Stars tournament at the end of the season.
  2. Anyone seeking to coach an All-Star team must submit an application to the VYS Administrator Mary Nunley, who shall notify VYS commissioners of all candidates. If a Commissioner is seeking to coach an All Star team, the VYS Administrator shall notify the VP of House.
  3. The process for selecting All Star players must be approved by the VP of House in advance of the All Stars season (see player selection process).
  4. Each participating team shall bear costs or fees, reimbursable to VYS, which generally includes registration and uniforms.
  5. All Star team practices shall not interfere with, nor take priority over, regular House practices and games.
  6. Players’ passes are to be issued by the VYS Administrator.
  7. Tournament rules are to be determined by the club hosting the All Star tournament.

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