Supportive Saturday - May 17, 2014

More than 50 parents in the U6 age group participated in PCA workshops before or after their children's soccer games in honor of Supportive Saturday. Parents came away with knowledge and tools for supporting their child in his/her VYS experience.

Concepts discussed included:

* Knowing what is expected of them as a sports parent
* Understanding the parents' goals and their child's goals related to sports participation
* Matching their behavior as a parent to their goals for their child's youth sports experience
* Knowing the parents' role in helping keep the fun in sports
* Supporting their children to bounce back from mistakes and setbacks
* Teaching their children about the importance of a growth-mindset
* Understanding and managing the relationship between the Parent and Coach

Thanks to PCA Coordinator Will Bowman for organizing the workshops and thanks to all the parents who attended!

VYS is a proud partner with Positive Coaching Alliance, a national organization promoting "Better Athletes, Better People".

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