trophyInteresting in becoming a Team Parent, but need more information?

Here are the three key responsibilities of a Team Parent:

  1. Creating a roster.
  2. Assigning snacks each week.
  3. Organizing the end of season celebration and ordering of trophies.

(1) The roster lists everyone on the team and has the child’s name, jersey number and parent names and contact information (for carpooling or switching snack schedule). For example:

Player Jack (jersey #11)
Parents: John & Jane
Home Num: 703-111-1111
Cell Num: 703-222-2222 (Jack)
Cell Num: 703-333-3333 (Jane)

You can email this to the parents or hand it out at the first game.

(2) The snack schedule assigns a different family each week to snack.  Make sure to exclude the coach and assistant coach’s family from snack duty.  If any children on the team have food allergies, make sure the parents know.  A weekly email reminder about game time and which family snack responsibility is sent on Thursday so snack is not forgotten!  
(3) Trophies and End Of Season Celebration.  
The boys and girls love their trophies!   If you would like to order them locally, you cannot go wrong with Award Store (http://www.awardstore.com/) located on Cedar Street in Vienna.  Some teams have been happy with Trophies 2 Go (http://www.trophies2go.com). Each family needs to cover the cost of their player’s trophy.  

Regarding the End Of Season Party, ask the coach if he has a preference on type, when, where.  Most coaches and parents seem to prefer having the party at the field immediately after the last game.  You can ask parents to volunteer to bring food - cupcakes, fruit, juice, etc.  You can also collect donations from each family (excluding coaches) for coaches gifts.  A chat with the coach’s spouse usually results in good gift ideas. 

Now, pat yourself on the back for a wonderful job!!  Every team needs a Team Parent. The coaches, players and parents thank you for your time and efforts!

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