Pickup Soccer

kids playing pickup soccerThe single most important thing a youth soccer player can learn is to be comfortable with the ball at their feet. The most effective way to establish and enhance that comfort level is to give them multiple touches on the ball as often as possible.

Vienna Youth Soccer is proud to offer Pickup Soccer to all VYS players.  

VYS Pickup Soccer is provided to help all VYS players of all ages and skills with developing individual technical skills that can be used in pressure situations of the game.

Players are encouraged to be creative and take risks by applying techniques learned in a fun and non-pressured environment.  

This program is designed to allow the players the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes and enjoy less structured play.


Pickup Soccer Alive and Well in Vienna

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Adult Summer Pickup
Summer 2015

VYS is proud to offer Adult Summer Pickup for the 2015 summer.  Read more to get details and schedule information.


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