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team soccerballVYS is committed to ensuring that all children seeking to play soccer within Vienna are able to do so regardless of financial or economic status. 

Financial Aid is offered for Spring and Fall seasons.  Costs for Camps/Clinics are not eligible for Financial Aid.

All players are required to pay state and county fees:

  • $15.50 for house players
  • $19.50 for travel players

VYS can provide an equipment voucher for shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats for those in need of assistance.

VYS Financial Aid Policy

This policy applies to all players in VYS.

Subject to the availability of funds, VYS will offer financial aid made on a defined set of factors.  All award decisions are made at the sole direction of the VYS Financial Aid Committee and the Executive Director. The application and aid information will be kept confidential.

Form of Assistance
VYS may waive all VYS registration fees for any player whose parent or guardian requests such assistance.  Additional expenses that are necessary for participation on House and/or Travel teams will also be considered under the eligibility criteria listed below.  For Travel, additional expenses could include, but not be limited to:   NCSL/ WAGS/ODSL registration fees,  player pass and insurance fees, travel team uniforms (including shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats), tournament fees, travel expenses, and team training fees.  Any extra items, such as team jackets, warm-up suits, equipment bags, or items that teams decide to purchase that are not necessary for participation in the program are not covered by the financial aid policy.  The fees due in excess of financial aid are due in a timely manner as per team’s schedule of payments.

For House, additional expenses could include, but not limited to shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats.  VYS has a program to collect previously used soccer shoes for players who are in need of cleats.  If there are no sizes available for the player, a voucher could possibly be awarded towards the cost of soccer cleats.

Assistance for the additional expenses for a travel team could be provided in the form of a payment to the team treasurer or team manager.  
Assistance for additional expenses for House could be provided in the form of equipment vouchers to the player’s parent/guardian.  Equipment vouchers will be awarded for use at local soccer retailers who have agreed to work with VYS on such a voucher program.  

Mandatory Eligibility Criteria for Additional Assistance
*Must be needs-based. The eligibility threshold is combined parental adjusted Gross Income of less than $80,000 (line 37 on Federal tax return form 1040). Other factors such as unemployment or other financial/medical hardships maybe considered.

  • Must be registered to play on a team in VYS before applying for financial aid.
  • Must be school aged (ie. 5-18 years old).
  • Must make a commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games.
  • Must fill out the financial aid application completely.
  • Applications received less than 2 weeks before the start of the season may not be considered for Travel players. Awards decisions will be made periodically by Financial Aid Committee. All applications for House must be completed and submitted by the start of season. No exceptions granted.

Amount of Aid Award
The Board will approve a set pool for financial aid availability each season (Fall/Spring). Included in the pool will be hardship donations which are solely used for financial aid. Based on the amount of the scholarship pool and amount of financial requests, awards will be distributed. Maximum amount for travel will be $400 per season or $800 per year not including registration fees.

Families of applicants receiving VYS awards maybe requested to provide up to 8 hours of volunteer service to VYS each season. Those applicants asked to volunteer and do not complete service maybe ineligible for future aid awards.


  • Applications will be submitted to the Registrar by the families requesting assistance and kept confidential.  The Registrar, VYS Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee and Executive Director will approve requests to ensure guidelines are met.
  • Financial assistance awards will be granted twice a year, prior to the Fall and Spring seasons.    
  • As stated above deadline for travel (fall and spring) is two weeks before the start of the season.  The committee will strive to make all awards before the first game of the season.   
  • Total amount of assistance available for distribution prior to each season can be influenced by the amount of funds collected from donations through registration and other programs that are approved by the BOD.
  • The committee may also review the number of applicants within a team and age group and adjust amounts to ensure equality across the pool of applicants. However, there is no limit per team of how many players may request financial aid.
  • Applicants for financial assistance must be registered with VYS for the upcoming season, and must complete a separate application form.  
  • Each travel team manager or treasurer will submit a list of costs that are associated for the team prior to start of season.   
  • Any aid funds left over at the end of a season will be transferred over to the next season in the VYS budget.  All funds donated to the hardship fund will only be used for that purpose.
  • A report will be made to the BOD at the end of each season by the Registrar explaining how the funds were disbursed.

Download full policy (pdf).

Financial Aid Form

To request financial aid:  

A separate form must be completed for each player and for each season.

Travel Players Requesting Financial Aid

Travel players may request team assistance not to exceed a specified amount per player per season set by the VYS Board of Directors (currently $400). 

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