Fall 2014

team soccerballVYS is committed to ensuring that all children seeking to play soccer within Vienna are able to do so regardless of financial or economic status. 

All players are required to pay state and county fees. These fees are currently $14.50 for house players and $18.50 for travel players

VYS can provide equipment voucher for shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats for those in need of assistance.

Proof of Financial Aid

Financial aid applicants will be asked to provide documentation as proof of eligibility.  Players may submit any of the following:

  • Current Proof of Eligibility for Free or Reduced Lunch Programs;
  • Current Proof of Eligibility for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program (TANF);
  • Current Proof of Eligibility for Food Stamps;
  • Current Federal Tax 1040 forms (first page only) with W-2 and 1099s filed by all members of the household;
  • Current Virginia State 76X series tax form (first page only) with W2 and 1099s filed by all members of the player’s household.

If an applicant does not have any of the above documents but still wishes to apply for financial aid, the applicant will need to provide a written request outlining the circumstances in order to assist the Committee in making a decision. When a player from a travel team requests financial assistance, the team must submit a copy of the team budget for the season, with a break-down of the per player cost.

Financial Aid Form

To request financial aid:  

Applications are due by April 1 for Spring Season or September 15 for Fall Season. Decisions will be made within 3 weeks.

A separate form must be completed for each player and for each season.

Travel Players Requesting Financial Aid

Travel players may request team assistance not to exceed a specified amount per player per season set by the VYS Board of Directors (currently $400).  Travel team funding raising events are expected to be the primary source of funding for travel players in need of financial assistance.  Travel teams must provide documentation of funding raising events along with requests for financial aid.

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