U9 Academy


This is the beginning of learning experience where key 4 components of teaching soccer, must be required:

  • 1 - Multiple touches on the ball
  • 2 - Individual Creative of Play
  • 3 - Developmental of variety of techniques
  • 4 - (Most Important) – Players having fun!!!

This Program is a specially designed developmental training for the U9 age group. The program introduces our young U9 players to the basic fundamental skills of soccer and to the concept of team play. It incorporates soccer skills with motor, physical, mental and social skills in a positive and non-competitive environment. The motivation to learn basic skills is very high at this age level.  Children gradually begin to change from being self-centered to being self-critical and develop the need for group and/or team games.  The game itself should be central to all technical training.

Technical Focus

  • Master the 5 main technical aspects of the game:
    • Dribbling  / Turning
    • Passing
    • Receiving
    • Finishing
    • 1vr.1 Offense / Defense
    • GK
    • “Footskills”  - Movement of the ball with both feet (inside/outside/laces/bottom of the foot)
  • Knowledge and development of technique:
  • Shielding
  • 50 / 50 Ball
  • Crossing / Finishing a Cross
  • Heading
  • 1 touch shooting
  • Volley

Tactical Focus

  • Introduce the name of the positions; all players should play all positions.
  • Understand space (spread out – offense & compact - defense)
  • Understand “Triangle Shape” & “Diamond Shape”.
  • Movement of the ball:
    • FIRST OPTION: Forward
    • THIRD OPTION: Back
  • Movement of the players: Push up when we are attacking and drop back when we are defending (movement as unit)
  • Do not stay behind the opponent.  Show for the ball at all times.
  • Never turn your back to the ball (nobody has eyes in the back of their head)
  • Make sure that players can see the ball and the player that she/he is defending at all times.
  • Most of the time you will find space on the opposite side of the field
  • No (“booting ball”/ “Clear”)
  • Goal-side; immediate chase; pressure for the ball; 1 vs. 1 Defense
  • Freedom to be creative; 1 vs. 1 Offense
  • Understand the basic concepts of set plays: Throw ins, goal and corner kicks.

Psychological Focus

  • Keep it FUN and ENJOYABLE to foster a desire to play (Intrinsic Motivation).
  • Enjoy the game without feeling pressure
  • Demonstrate increased self-responsibility – give partial responsibility for preparation, discipline.
  • Can initiate play – Let It Happen – learn through self-discovery/self expression.
  • Enjoy “competition” – all activities should have objectives/method of scoring.
  • Can work in groups – cooperative games and activities.
  • Be able work with more than 2 players at a time. Individual & Group Training
  • Emotional management… fuel their tanks all the time!!!
  • Be comfortable around teammates and coaches
  • Be encouraging to get involved at all times during training and games
  • Be comfortable asking coaches to help them when they cannot do something.
  • Learning Experience > Performance
  • Development > Winning
  • Respect the Game = Sportsmanship


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