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VYS is “One Club”

VYS Travel tries build a continuum of high-quality travel soccer opportunities that will allow Vienna-based players of all ability levels to play in Vienna from U9 all the way through U19. 

Key components

  • Professional coaches/trainers selected by VYS providing weekly training to all teams in an age group, ensuring consistent player development and coach education.
  • VYS-selected Age Group Coordinators for each age/gender group will oversee the activities of that age group.
  • All travel players rostered to VYS rather than individual teams (when permitted), allowing more flexibility for movement of players between teams as team and individual skill levels change.
  • Promote "home-grown" talent through player development programs.
VYS Travel Program 2015/16

The VYS Travel program will officially start beginning the week of Monday, August 3, 2015.

VYS Staff Training

VYS Staff Training for all Head Coach and Assistant Coaches will take place Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd July.

VYS Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coaches will be appointed by the start of September.

VYS NPL Rostered Players

VYS NPL players will start practices the week of Monday, August 3. All NPL Rostered players will have the traditional 2 practices per week but also have an opportunity to practice at a third session on a Friday evenings. Assistant Technical Directors and Head Coaches will provide additional information.

VYS Practice Schedule

VYS Travel practices will officially start the week of Monday, August 3. The month of August will effectively be a pre-season practice schedule. Some Coaches and players may have vacation commitments so this period will have some flexibility. Head coaches and ATDs will provide additional information on practice dates and locations. All players will get to meet their coaches.

VYS Travel Parent Meeting with Technical Director

There will be a VYS Travel Parent Meeting early in September with the Technical Director to discuss curriculum and answer questions.

VYS Travel Parent Meeting with Head Coach

There will be a VYS Travel Parent Meeting early in September with the Head Coaches briefly go over expectations, code of conduct, etc.

Player Evaluations and Player/Parent Meetings

We will build VYS Player/Parent Meetings into the Travel program to provide valuable feedback and support for all players. These meetings will take place instead of a practice and players will be provided with information in a Player Evaluation. This is a support system not a grading system and will be directly linked to future Try Out structures House and our new Development  program.

Makeup Sessions

Due to our new staffing structure and a calendar which consists of 16 weeks there will no longer be a need / culture of make up sessions. The schedule is clearly mapped out and in the event that a practice is cancelled due to weather practice just continues as normal at the next scheduled practice.

Club Approach

The allocation of all practice sessions and fields has been a holistic one based on all the programs we will deliver moving forward and the fields we have been allocated by the county. The schedule is also heavily related to the philosophy we want to implement in practices and the constant structures we want to have in place. Any result in a change in training day / time is due to this new club approach.

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