VYS Travel Committee


The Travel Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Travel, is the overseeing body for VYS decision making, support and information with respect to travel team formation and ongoing management. The Travel Committee includes:

  • Vice President of Travel
  • Vice President of Fields
  • Club Representatives for travel leagues
  • Two At-Large members of Board of Directors (appointed by the Board)
  • VYS Technical Director (non-voting member)

With the exception of the Vice President of Travel, the Vice President of Fields and the At-Large members, Travel Committee members will be appointed by the Vice President of Travel, subject to approval by the Board.


Travel Committee meetings are open to VYS membership.

The Travel Committee will meet bi-monthly.  Dates for these meetings will be announced prior to the start of the seasonal year, and will be posted on the VYS website.   Minutes will be taken at these meetings forwarded to the VYS Board of Directors within a week of the meeting. Final minutes will be posted on the VYS website.

No vote may be taken at a Travel Committee meeting unless a quorum consisting of a majority of the voting members of the Travel Committee is present.

Upon a majority vote of the Travel Committee members present at a meeting, the Travel Committee may convene an executive session at which only voting members of the Travel Committee are present to discuss confidential or sensitive issues.

The Travel Committee may convene additional subcommittees as deemed necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Travel Committee are:

  • Makes decisions regarding all travel  program issues taking into account VYSA and VYS guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with VYS Travel policies and procedures.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on grievances as per the Grievance Policy.
  • Select club league representatives.
  • Review and approve all travel team trainer and coach contracts.
  • Approve selection of the Age Group Coordinator(s) (“AGC”) for each group, taking into account recommendations from the professional staff.
  • Approve selections of coaches, assistant coaches and trainers for each team, taking into account any recommendations from the professional staff and the AGC.

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