Posted: June 21, 2013

ODSL Champs


The U19G Falcons have just won their third consecutive ODSL Championship season with an 8-0 record this season.  Compiling a 22-1-3 record over the past 3 seasons, the Falcons have dominated the league.  Anchored by one college student (Fatimah Darab), many  seniors (Claudia Casteneda, Ginger Collier, Renee Dauerer, Leslie Fox, Emma Hayward, Abigail Head, Ayumi Matsuda, Katrina McLeod, Olivia Rauch, Gabriella Roldan, Zoe Schwandt, Margaret Secor, and Megan Thornberry) ;  2 Juniors (Rebecca Benson and Marly Saunders), 2 Sophomores (Shani Cave and Shealinn Metzger), 2 Freshman (Cate Stone and Neveen Shawish) and 1 8th grader (Celia Dauerer) the Falcons scored an impressive 35 goals while allowing only 11 goals this  season.

In order to continue the winning tradition, the Falcons are actively recruiting for next season.  We will be holding tryouts in August – for additional information please contact Scott Benson at SoccerDadScott@gmail.com.



Posted: June 20, 2012

The U19G Falcons completed their undefeated (6-0-2) season as the ODSL champions!

Outscoring their opponents 24-4, the Falcons melded into a well-oiled team this year, with a strong defense anchored by Goalie Emma Hayward and a talented offense led by Ginger Collier (13 goals). Other players: Becca Benson, Stephanie Card, Claudia Castaneda, Shani Cave, Ginger Collier, Fatimah Darab, Renee Dauerer, Leslie Fox, Emma Hayward, Abigail Head, Anna Hendricks, Aoife Leogue, Ayumi Matsuda, Katrina McLeod, Shealinn Metzer, Olivia Rauch, Gaby Roldan, Zoe Schwandt, Megan Secor, Megan Thornberry.





Coached by Andon Tsarev and Adel Rajab, the Falcons offer a special travel team experience, allowing talented younger players to participate in high level soccer with more experienced players.

Our goal is to provide a competitive travel soccer experience without losing sight of the main reason kids play soccer, to have fun!

Read more about the U19 Girls Falcons Team.

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