Comets Team Overview

VYS “Comets” Rising U13 Girl’s Travel Team

Coach:  Emil Ravesteijn

Coach:  Chris Cooke

Team Manager:  Lori Ravesteijn




The VYS Comets is a rising U13 Girl’s Travel Team who will compete in competitive soccer play in the Spring of 2006 in Division 1 of Old Dominion Soccer League Inc. (ODSL), and are awaiting acceptance in the Washington Area Girl’s Soccer League (WAGS).


The Comets travel team will consist of 15-18 dedicated and talented soccer girls chosen through team or individual tryouts. 


The team will be coached by Emil Ravesteijn and Chris Cooke (aka Coach “Cookie”).   Emil and Chris both currently hold a National United States Soccer Federation (USSF) ‘D’ Coaching license and Virginia State ‘D’ coaching license.   Emil’s coaching experience has been dedicated to the Vienna Youth Soccer League for the past eight years.  Emil started coaching in VYS boy’s House League Soccer and moved into the boy’s Travel Soccer Program in NCSL.  Emil then transferred his Coaching skills to the girl’s House Soccer League coaching two Girl’s Championship All Star Teams before founding the Girl’s Travel “Comets” Team in the Fall of 2003. 


Coach Cookie has coached in VYS Youth Soccer for the past six years dedicated to the girl’s soccer program.  He started in the girl’s House League, coached All Stars, and moved in the girl’s VYS Travel Program with the inception of the U9 Travel Soccer Team known as the “Stars” where he was the Assistant Coach.  Chris moved his coaching skills to the Comets Team when the team was established in the Fall of 2003.


Both Coaches come from Europe, Emil from Holland and Chris from England.  They both grew up in soccer play and played competitively throughout their youth, adulthood, and continue to play in the Parent’s soccer program today.


Each shares the same coaching philosophy:  “To inspire, challenge, and develop a committed group of girls both individually and as team.  The Coaches wish to develop each girl’s awareness and confidence to play the game as to the best of their abilities.  They demonstrate that the game of soccer should be enjoyable and played in a sporting and friendly manner, even when it’s highly competitive.   The strive to ensure that each girl on the team would have a rewarding and fun learning experience.”


The Comets Team has been proudly sponsored by the “Vienna Inn” since their inception.  Marty, the Vienna Inn owner, has provided the team a cash donation that has been put towards team tournaments equally benefiting each player and their family.  We hope that the Vienna Inn will continue its sponsorship in the 2005-2006 Season.  Expectations are that the funds would go towards team tournaments costs.

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