Comets Season Plan for 2006-2007

VYS Comets Season Plan for 2006-2007


Player/Parent’s Meeting for Fall 2006 Team:


The Comets will hold a player/parent’s meeting near the end of June when the player selections have been finalized.  The date/time/place is TBD.  At this time, we will introduce the Comets players, talk about team/player expectations, and review team calendar and financial obligations for Fall Season 2005.


Summer practices/training: 


The Comets have been trained by Eduardo (Eddie) Lima, owner of Brazilian Touch Soccer Training, since the Summer of 2004.  Eddie will team train the Comets for a one week camp in July (2 hours/night) and a two week camp in August (1 ½ hours/night).  The exact dates will be determined by the Parent/Player Meeting in late June.  Eddie will continue to train the Comets one night/week during the Fall Season 2006 and conduct Futsal training during the winter months.  Eddie has a long resume of credentials that can be found on his website at www.braziliantouch.us.  Eddie is currently the Head Coach of Madison H.S. Boy’s Varsity Team and Coaches a U17 Boy’s ODP State Team amongst other teams in VYS and other Youth Soccer Organizations.


If Comets players are in town during the training weeks, they are expected to attend.  The financial obligation per player will be based on confirmed commitments ranging in $100 price range per player per camp.  The camps will be held in the evening hours at a designated VYS field.


Emil and Chris will try to hold a one night per week play for 1-½ hours (probably Wednesday evenings) beginning in July through August when regular season practices begin.  The Comets also try to schedule preseason scrimmages each season prior to their game opener.


Winter practices/training:


As stated above, beginning January 2007, Eddie Lima will conduct a 10-week Futsal training for 1-½ hours each week at a local Fairfax Country School gym.  The Comets will also play in two winter indoor soccer sessions at the Dulles Sportsplex beginning in November 2006 and go through March 20067  These indoor soccer sessions are mainly geared for fun and to keep the girls fit with touches on the soccer ball, as we know many of our players have interest in basketball play during the winter months.  These sessions cost extra and are not mandatory but highly encouraged.     


Team Tournaments:


The Comets play in minimum 2 tournaments per season.  In the Fall Season, they play in a Labor Day tournament and Columbus Day Tournament, and may additionally play in a late August tournament.  In the Spring Season, they play in a March pre-season tournament and Memorial Day Tournament.  Most tournaments are local; however, we do expect to travel to an away tournament one per season.  We have found during our travel experience to two Virginia Beach Tournaments in the 2004-05 Soccer Season that away tournaments provide a rewarding team bonding experience and introduce our players to outside travel league competition that cannot always be found in our local area.


Parent Expectations:


Parents are encouraged to get involved in a positive way and share in team responsibilities.  We will ask for volunteers to assist with the following positions:  Field Coordination, Social Director, Fund-Raisers, Snack Coordinators, Web-site management, Winter Training, and other positions as needed.


Recognition Programs:


Each season the Comets Coaches develop a recognition program.  In Fall of 2003, it was “Player of the Game”.  In Spring 2004, it became “Player of the Week” and “Player of the Tournament” and the Coaches continue to follow this program today.  On every Tuesday following a game or tournament, the Coaches will recognize a player who consistently showed up at team practices on time being ready to practice, listened attentively to their Coaches w/out disruptions, attempted to execute their drills to the best of their abilities, all the while displaying good sportsmanship, conduct and team spirit to their fellow teammates and Coaches.  In addition, the player will have been a top performer in the Sunday games or tournament games. The timeframe for the award will run from Tuesday through the Sunday game each week as they will be awarded at the beginning of Tuesday practices, and then the next week will promptly begin. The Coaches of course will take in mind “excused absences” from practices due to injury, sickness, or more pressing family obligations.  The players who get this reward will receive a special token of recognition as well as having their name posted on the VYS Comets website. 


Team Uniforms:


TBD.  The Comets will be deciding on 2005 uniforms at the June parents/player meeting. 


Financial Obligations:


TBD.  Each player will be expected to pay in full her individual financial obligation at the beginning of each season during the planning meeting when the budget is reviewed.  The League fees are divided equally among all players.  In addition, each player will be required to register through VYS for a fee of $85 or less (fees vary with number of family members playing in VYS).  Each player will be required to contribute towards a Team Slush Fund that covers Coaches needs, training equipment, goalie training camps, first aid, recognition awards, social events, end of season player gifts, etc.  Each player will be expected to fulfill any additional uniform, tournament, or other costs equally divided by each player on the team.   If a player is unable to meet their financial obligation, please see the Team Manager as early as possible to make individual arrangements. 


Thank you for your interest in the VYS Comets Team and best of luck at tryouts!  If you have any questions, please contact:


Lori Ravesteijn

VYS Comets Team Manager

Home Phone # (703) 281-4376

Cell Phone # (703) 989-0929

Email address:  lori@visa.com

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