Galaxy Players Have "Star Power"



Commitment to the Vienna Galaxy is among the most important characteristics each player, coach, and family can bring to the team. The following is a summary of the level of commitment expected to participate on the team.


Attendance – Each player is expected to attend all in-season training, games, tournaments, and tryouts. It will be the goal of each player to miss no more than (3) training sessions and (1) game per season.  As is the policy of many high-school-age teams, we expect players participating in other sports to attend Saturday sessions when they are held, and to attend weekly practices when they don’t conflict with the second sport.


Preparation – Each player is expected to arrive on time for training and games, and should be well-rested, fed, hydrated, dressed, and equipped to play soccer.


Attitude – Each player is expected to bring a positive attitude to the team, to be friendly toward and supportive of each team member.


Work Ethic – Each player is expected to be attentive, remain focused, and work hard to learn, improve, enjoy, and accomplish team pursuits.


The USYSA league year begins September 1 and ends August 31, and includes a fall season of league play beginning in early September and a spring season of league play beginning early April. Players joining the team are expected to commit to playing for the team through the spring season. Annual open tryouts are held at the end of the spring season beginning in June. Individual tryouts can be arranged as outlined elsewhere on this Web site.  


Summer Training – Each player is expected to attend (1) soccer training camp, preferably the local team camp.


Fall Season – The fall season begins in August and ends in November. The typical fall season includes a kick-off mini camp in mid- to late-August, (24) 1.5-hour twice weekly training sessions, (8-9) league games typically played on Sunday afternoon (some on Saturday), and (2) local tournaments (6-8 games) played on two non-league/holiday weekends.


Winter Training – Winter training begins in January and ends in March. Each player is expected to maximize attendance to maintain and improve physical conditioning and soccer skills.


Spring Season – The spring season begins in March and ends in June. The typical spring season includes (24) 1.5-hour twice weekly training sessions, (8-9) league games typically played on Sunday afternoon (some on Saturday), and (1 or 2) local tournament (3-4 games) played on a non-league/holiday weekend.


Expenses – The team budget is determined annually in August.  Player dues are then collected in three payments by the first day of August, December, and March.  Any bank balance remaining at the end of a season after all team expenses have been paid is shared equally among players from that season and is applied toward their next season’s dues. A player who quits the team may forfeit any remaining share of the team balance.


Each player pays her full share of team expenses regardless of attendance, except that players who join the team after the season has begun is not required to contribute to the expense of events that have already transpired.


Travel – The amount of travel required to participate on the team can be characterized as follows: Training and home games are held in the Vienna area. Local tournaments and away games are typically held in the Greater Washington metropolitan area, within a 40- to 60-minute drive from Vienna . On occasion, the drive to a game may exceed one hour. The team may organize car pools for distant away games.


Administration – Each family is expected to help administrate and support the team.

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