VYS Hurricanes (U12G) Win the NVSC Fall Classic 2008 Championship

The VYS Hurricanes won the NVSC Fall Classic Soccer tournament going undefeated in four games.

We took on PAC Blue Heat in our first competition. Heat’s defensive strategy was to position two to three defenders in the goal with their goalie. While this worked well for them in keeping the ball out of their goal, it allowed our backs to spend a good deal of time on the attacking half, supporting our attacks. They must have felt like mid-fielders.  Jamie, playing mid-field, used her defensive skills to help shut down attacks before they got off our attacking half.  We had nearly 25 good shots on goal, however, we were only able to score twice. After many attempts from a few yards out, Alysia forced her way through the standing defenders to take the ball into the goal. Our second goal came from Sarah who struck the ball hard from the right and sent it into the net. Mia, standing at the goal with the defenders received a pass from Caitlin and fired into the goal. However, she was called off-side and the goal was not awarded. Heat Blue managed to score twice on through balls, ending the game in a tie.

Next we took on the NVSC Majestics Blue. This team was more mature in their skills and tactics than our first opponent, but our girls were up to the challenge. They knew that a tie or loss would put them in last place, and they were not going to let that happen. Majestics scored first on a corner kick. Then, they scored again on another corner kick. The 0-2 deficit did not un-never our team. Caitlin scored our first goal to get us back in the game. This was followed by goals from Alysia and Allie. Caitlin scored our last goal in the final minutes to seal our win.

Everything clicked for our girls in Sunday’s first game against FCR Rockers. The Rockers played a more physical game, but our girls were not intimidated. Our backs, Maddie, Caroline, Emma, and Nicole were showing their confidence by passing the ball and maintaining possession on our defending half and not simply clearing the ball. Our mid fielders, Alysia, Caitlin, Sarah, Christine, Carolyn, and Stav, as well as our strikers – Allie, Mia, and Lindsey were leveraging wall passes and over laps to maintain possession and penetrate defenses. Mia scored a goal to make up for the one that was taken away from her. Another goal by Allie and a hat trick by Caitlin gave us a 5-1 victory.

We faced PAC Blue Heat again in the finals. After another well played game, the score was tied 1-1 on a goal by Caitlin. Still tied after over-time, we went to PKs. With all eyes trained on the kicker and the goalie, the pressure is incredible.  Still, all of our girls took good shots on goal.  And, Alysia, our goalie, stopped 4 of their 8 shots.  After each team took their 5 shots, we went into sudden death. As it turned out, all eight of our players on the field would take a shot.   Sarah, Allie, Alysia, Stav, and Nicole all scored, Nicole scoring last. Alysia denied the Heat’s final shot.

The coaches and parents could not be more proud of our girl’s performance and success.

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