VYS Fields

VYS Fields

VYS partners with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), Fairfax County Parks Authority (FCPA) and private entities to provide fields for VYS house and travel teams.

VYS is responsible for the upkeep (including seeding, mowing and lining) of the majority of the grass fields and must contribute to any repairs on the turf fields.  As a result, it is important that all VYS members (coaches, parents, players, and spectators) employ proper use and care for these fields so that our players have the best possible fields on which to train and play.  

Please help us protect the fields by following the information in the VYS Fields Policy and reminding others to do the same when you are at practices or games.  Each VYS member contributes to a fields’ fund upon registration which helps ensure not only the maintenance of the current fields, but also enables the Club to invest in the development of new fields for the benefit of our players.

General Field Reminders

  • Have your field permit ready and available at all practices and games. Fairfax County regularly visits our fields and will inspect permits.
  • Coaches and team managers should check all fields before practices and games (including goal anchoring) to ensure that our fields are safe and ready for play.
  • If you see a problem, or have a question, please let us know. Email fieldsmgr@vys.org.

What to Do if My Team Experiences A Field Problem

VYS works hard internally and with its partners at FCPS and FCPA to ensure that all of our fields are properly assigned, permitted and prepared for our teams. However, on occasion, issues arise on fields. Below are actions that Coaches, Age Group Coordinators or Team Managers can take to resolve common fields’ problems. If your request is after business hours, a VYS staff member will try to respond immediately, when possible.

Walk On players On Permitted Field

  • If another VYS team is using the field that your team has been permitted for, talk to the coach of the other team and arrange a way to share the space for that day.  Afterwards, get a name and age group of the visitors, and email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field.  The field assignor will communicate with both teams to resolve the conflict.
  • If a Non-VYS team or club, call NCS at 703-324-5515 and provide them with the field name and they will send out a monitor to have the other group removed from the field.

Lights Are Not On At Permitted Field

  • NewSong: follow directions online, or email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field.
  • Arbor Row, Luther Jackson, Nottoway, Oak Marr: call NCS at 703-324-5515 to speak with a Fairfax County official. Call can only be made for fields during permitted hours.
  • Madison, Marshall, Oakton HS: Email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field.

Grass Needs to Be Cut or the Field Lining Needs Updating

Email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field and VYS will work with either our private vendor or the County to get the problem resolved.

Porto Pots issues

Email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field and VYS will work with the County to get the problem resolved.

Broken/Missing Locks or Broken Goals, Nets or Corner Flags

Email fieldsmgr@vys.org and indicate which field and VYS will get the matter resolved.

Any other problem not addressed above should be emailed to fieldsmgr@vys.org.

How To Request A Change in Field Assignment or to Obtain Additional Field Space

To ensure that we can process the fields’ requests from our ~300 house and travel teams, VYS requires that all field requests adhere to the following procedure:

  1. First check the Guides page to determine which fields are available for the date and time you are seeking.
  2. Once you determine which field is available, fill out the Field Request form on the Guides page.
  3. The Fields Manager will respond within 48 hours.

Questions about this process?  Please contact fieldsmgr@vys.org.

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