Frequently Asked Questions

"HELP!  My permit ends at 7:00 pm but my practice goes later than that.  What should I do?" 
You may stay until your scheduled practice time is over OR until dark.

"I live right near a field, so I can run over there and check it to see if it's play-able or not. Unfortunately, I am not a field expert so please explain to me what I need to look for to help me make a determination."
Check the overall condition, how wet is the ground, are there lots of puddles, areas where there is little or no grass is it muddy, is it easy to separate the top layer of grass from the ground with your shoe, do you think the field will get ruined if it is played on. If you see puddles on the field, then the field should be closed. Also, if you put your hand on the ground and mud and water come up through your fingers, then the field should also be closed.

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Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer