Marshall HS Stadium and #1 (back field, sometimes called #2)

Field Information

(Proprietary Information. Please do not share outside of team management.)


Entrance: Please enter near the YELLOW school buses. The gate is marked, "Community User Gate" (no exceptions on gate entry). There is a VYS lockbox next to the Community User gate, combo 2579. The G key inside will unlock the gate. Immediately return the key to the lock box. 

Stadium Field:  Enter using the Community User gate only. Stadium goals are set up in the "D" shaped grass area behind the football upright, between the turf and the track. When setting up, please lock the lock cable to the back of the goal. Return goals to the grass D area and lock together facing one another upon completion of the game. The key in the lock box above the Knaack box unlocks the Stadium goals. When setting up, please lock the lock cable to the back of the goal. Corner flags are in the Knaack box. Lights must be manually turned on, they will go off 15 minutes after scheduled practice ends. Find the snack bar. Behind it is a light box. Open box and flip on the light switch. If you leave well ahead of a scheduled time, please shut the lights off.

The back field, #1 or practice field or even #2:  Enter using the Community User gate only.  Small goals are stored, face to face, and locked next to the back bleachers. When setting up, please lock the lock cable to the back of the goal. Large goals are permanent fixtures. The small sided goals are locked together, face to face, next to the bleachers. The combo to the locks is 2579. Return goals to the locked position next to the bleachers when done. Lights will only go on manually, when preprogrammed, and will shut off automatically. Please walk to a large green metal box, closest to the baseball field. The lock on the light box is 3456. Unlock, use the key to unlock the light box, push the ON buton. Then close the light box, put the lock back on and the key back into the lock box. If you leave well ahead of a scheduled time, please shut the lights off and relock the lock. 

Corner flags: Stored onsite in the Knaack box next to the large maroon shed adjacent to the bleachers between the stadium and practice field. There is a lock box on the shed wall, combo 2579. Inside the lock box is a K key to the Knaack box and G key for the Goals. Put the K key in Knaack box lock, turn counter clockwise, and then slide the large latch to left. Remove flags and unlock goals, then immediately return the key to the lock box so it does not get lost. Lock the Knaack box when not in use. Corner flags and bases are stored inside the Knaack box.

Last team off both fields is responsible for locking the Community User gates.


  • No Chairs, Tents or Benches are allowed on this field.
  • No pets at any time on this school field.
  • Only water, No Gatorade, coffee or other beverages are allowed on the turf.
  • No food on the field; snacks may be consumed on the grass and properly disposed.
  • Pick up all trash and recyclables and place in proper receptacles.
  • Lost and Found items may be put in the school shed.
  • Please do not share this info with too many people in VYS and especially DO NOT share our combos with any other user groups! DO NOT ALLOW WALK ON GROUPS TO USE THIS FIELD, entire turf area is for permitted users only.

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Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer