Welcome to Coaching Soccer!

Welcome to Coaching Youth Soccer!

First and foremost, thank you for deciding to coach a youth soccer team.

Coaches are the life support of any team, teaching young players the fundamentals of the game, the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, and promoting the love of the game.

VYS is dedicated in providing support and assistance to all our coaches through coaching seminars, lesson plans, and special events.

We appreciate the time and effort you all put in for the kids.

VYS Coaching Responsibilities

The following is a list of responsibilities that VYS coaches have to the players, parents, and the league.

  • Coaches in VYS are expected to teach and demonstrate to their players the highest standards of sportsmanship. They should not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any player.
  • Attend and supervise all practices. There MUST be two adults at all practices. If a coach cannot attend a practice, they should arrange for a replacement, and ensure that there will be two adults at the practice.
  • Remain at the field, practice and game, until all players have been picked up. If parents don’t show after 15 minutes, you may take the player home with you. If a coach takes a player home, immediately call the parents to inform them of such, and for your protection, notify the local police (Vienna or Fairfax), and let them know what the situation is.
  • Establish a drink and snack schedule, or have your team parent do it.
  • Hand out a team roster and a season schedule to each player (or parent).
  • Advise the Division Commissioner of any players who quit the team before or during the season. Also advise the VYS Registrar by email at registrar@vys.org
  • Take a copy of each players registration form to each practice and game. The registration form contains the medical and liability release, and any medical information you may need for the players.
  • Give the team parent (or manager) as much advance notice as possible if games or practices are to be canceled or rescheduled.
  • No player is to play four (4) quarters until all other players have played three quarters. No one may play goalie for more than one quarter, up through U10, and one-half for U12. The goalie rule is suspended when playing against non-VYS teams.
  • Never run up a score. Try using technical and tactical strategies. If leading by two goals, switch your offensive players with the defense. If leading by three goals, remove a player. Try asking your players to pass the ball at least three times before shooting on goal, or have the players shoot only within the box.
  • Assume responsibility for the conduct of all people on your side of the ifeld during games. Do not allow criticizing of players or game officials.
  • Any player who is red carded may not play in the next game. Any coach who is red carded, or spectator who is required to leave, may not be on the sidelines in the next game.
  • Walk to the center of the field at the end of the game, and congratulate the other team’s coach and players.
  • Keep the Division Commissioner informed of any problems.
  • Coaches are responsible for equipment assigned to them. Please return it to commissioner at the end of the season.
  • Only players registered and assigned to your team may play on your team.
  • House League coaches cannot select the players on their team. It is proper to advise players and parents that they may request a specific coach, but player assignments are made at the complete discretion of the Division Commissioner. (Older divisions may choose to have a draft, but it is the decision of the commissioner to do a draft.)
  • Teach soccer fundamentals concerning individual and team play.
  • Teach the laws of soccer.
  • Show and have respect for all referees, regardless of age or ability. Remember, they are also learning. Keep negative comments to yourself, and not out loud in front of the players and parents.

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.