Travel Team Uniform Form
Updated June 2013

VYS is an Adidas sponsored club, which means that Adidas is the official uniform brand for all VYS Travel teams and they have access to Adidas uniforms at a 35% discount when ordered as a team.

Download Team Order Form (xls).

Basic Uniform Kit (Required) - Prices are for Youth sizes

Tiro 13 Jersey (2, Red/White) adult/youth  $31.00 / $27.75 each  

Adidas Logo

Tiro 13 Short (1) adult/youth

 $16.50 / $14.50 each  

Tiro 13 Womens Short adult

Copa socks $7.80  
 Optional Items
Tiro 13 Warm-up Jacket - adult/youth $42.25 / $39.00
Tiro 13 Warm-up Pants - adult/youth $29.25 / $26.00
Estadio bag $35.75



- PJ’s Soccer and Lacrosse is the official supplier for VYS Travel Teams. All travel uniform kits must be ordered through PJ’s Soccer and Lacrosse.

PJ’s Soccer and Lacrosse
7500 Leesburg Pike, #12A, Falls Church, VA 22043
Tel: 703-506-8009
Fax: 703-506-8012

- Teams must consolidate their orders and use the order form to get the discount.

- A uniform kit consists of two (2) Jerseys, one (1) pair of shorts, and two (2) pairs of socks. This is the minumum order per player, but you may order as many items off the order form as you want.

- Warm-up jackets, warm-up pants, and back packs are all optional but are still available at 35% off retail prices.

- The cost of the jerseys include a VYS logo in front and player number in the back. All other embroideries (names, extra VYS logos on bags, etc.) are $8-10.00/per placement.

- Existing travel teams that have new players that need uniform kits will still get a discount. These are considered fill-ins. For fill-in orders, you must speak to Phil Galipo directly. 703.506.8009.


1) Why was the Tiro 13 jersey chosen? - Breathability. It is a mid-range priced jersey that is very,very breathable. There were slightly cheaper jerseys but did not have the breathability. Also, the Tiro Jersey has a three-year life cycle (we are using it in thebeginning of it’s life cycle). This means that in three years they will discontinue this style.

2) Why is VYS using PJ’s Soccer and Lacrosse? - They are a premiere Adidas dealership. They are set up to fill large orders.

2) VYS is an Adidas club, what does that mean to my team? - The biggest benefit of our partnership with Adidas is that it has allows us to receive a discount on Adidas products. This discount is available to every player and coach in VYS Travel.

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