Congratulations to Camile Louis!

camille louis and playerVYS extends a round of applause to VYS coach Camile Louis for being honored as the Virginia Youth Soccer Association 2012 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year!

Camile has also been nominated for the US Soccer Association Region 1 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year!

Camile coached with VYS for six years, and 12 consecutive fall and spring recreational seasons, starting with U7 and coaching through U12 during the Spring 2012.

She proudly looks back over her years of coaching and appreciates how much each of her players taught her about striving to be a better person every day.

She believes the magic of her teams was acknowledging that every individual could benefit the collective because everyone has something to offer.


In The Beginning

Camile had no personal soccer playing experience herself. She was recruited in a fashion most House coaches are: if no one steps up, the team will not have a coach.  She reluctantly accepted the coaching job, and this was the start of a six year relationship with VYS. 

She conducted her own research to study the game, developed strategy, and created innovative soccer drills. 

Over time, Camile earned her F and E coaching licenses.

With Regards To Player Development

Camile insisted that all players maintain the highest levels of sportsmanship at all times – both at practice and during games and expected assistant coaches and parents to adhere to the same high standards of integrity and personal conduct at all practices and games as well.

She worked hard to ensure equal playing time for each player and provided engaging and varied practice drills. She identified and built upon each player’s strengths, encouraging the development of not only ball handling skills and strategy, but also confidence.

Camile considered coaching as a privilege and her goal was always to treat each player as she would want her own son to be treated.

Above and Beyond

Camile’s contributions to soccer did not stop with coaching. For five years she had been the equipment coordinator helping to keep track of all the coach’s equipment in her division.  She often arranged team trips to a local high school so players could watch live soccer games.  For players with working parents, Camile was known for her “shuttle service,” in which she routinely picked up players from their various elementary schools in her mini-van, got them a snack, and delivered them to practice.

Camile not only developed players, but also coaches. Over the years, several of her assistants have gone on to assume head coaching roles, with her encouragement and support.

Thank you Camlle, for all you did for your players and VYS families, and for the good of the game!

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