Age Group Guidelines (Which Age Group does your player fall under?)

Age Group Guidelines provides information on which age group division your player is eligible to play in House Soccer. Age Group Guidelines only applies to U4 Cubs and U5-U19 House League. TOPSoccer and Parent League players are not impacted.

Cutoff Dates and Eligibility

Age groups for U4-U19 House players are determined based on players' birthdates. A player born between August 1 and July 31 of the following year will be placed within an appropriate agegroup. The chart below provides information on which age group your player would fall in based on his/her birth month and birth year.

Grade Level Exception

Since the Virginia school cutoff date is September 30, VYS allows players born after August 1 and before October 1 to choose whether they would prefer playing with kids their age or with kids in their grade, otherwise known as the Grade Level Exception rule. During online registration, a parent whose child is eligible for Grade Level Exception, can choose either Age or Grade on the registration form so the VYS Registrar is aware and the parent is asked to send an email to the VYS Registrar as further notification.

For questions about Age Group Guidelines or Grade Level Exception, please contact the VYS Registrar at


U4 U5 U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13-14
(U13) (U14)
Jul-14 Jul-13 Jul-12 Jul-11 Jul-10 Jul-09 Jul-08 Jul-07 Jul-06 Jul-05 Jul-04
Jun-14 Jun-13 Jun-12 Jun-11 Jun-10 Jun-09 Jun-08 Jun-07 Jun-06 Jun-05 Jun-04
May-14 May-13 May-12 May-11 May-10 May-09 May-08 May-07 May-06 May-05 May-04
Apr-14 Apr-13 Apr-12 Apr-11 Apr-10 Apr-09 Apr-08 Apr-07 Apr-06 Apr-05 Apr-04
Mar-14 Mar-13 Mar-12 Mar-11 Mar-10 Mar-09 Mar-08 Mar-07 Mar-06 Mar-05 Mar-04
Feb-14 Feb-13 Feb-12 Feb-11 Feb-10 Feb-09 Feb-08 Feb-07 Feb-06 Feb-05 Feb-04
Jan-14 Jan-13 Jan-12 Jan-11 Jan-10 Jan-09 Jan-08 Jan-07 Jan-06 Jan-05 Jan-04
Dec-13 Dec-12 Dec-11 Dec-10 Dec-09 Dec-08 Dec-07 Dec-06 Dec-05 Dec-04 Dec-03
Nov-13 Nov-12 Nov-11 Nov-10 Nov-09 Nov-08 Nov-07 Nov-06 Nov-05 Nov-04 Nov-03
Oct-13 Oct-12 Oct-11 Oct-10 Oct-09 Oct-08 Oct-07 Oct-06 Oct-05 Oct-04 Oct-03
Sep-13 Sep-12 Sep-11 Sep-10 Sep-09 Sep-08 Sep-07 Sep-06 Sep-05 Sep-04 Sep-03
Aug-13 Aug-12 Aug-11 Aug-10 Aug-09 Aug-08 Aug-07 Aug-06 Aug-05 Aug-04 Aug-03
            (U15) (U16) (U17) (U18) (U19)
            Jul-03 Jul-02 Jul-01 Jul-00 Jul-99
            Jun-03 Jun-02 Jun-01 Jun-00 Jun-99
            May-03 May-02 May-01 May-00 May-99
            Apr-03 Apr-02 Apr-01 Apr-00 Apr-99
            Mar-03 Mar-02 Mar-01 Mar-00 Mar-99
            Feb-03 Feb-02 Feb-01 Feb-00 Feb-99
            Jan-03 Jan-02 Jan-01 Jan-00 Jan-99
            Dec-02 Dec-01 Dec-00 Dec-99 Dec-98
            Nov-02 Nov-01 Nov-00 Nov-99 Nov-98
            Oct-02 Oct-01 Oct-00 Oct-99 Oct-98
            Sep-02 Sep-01 Sep-00 Sep-99 Sep-98
            Aug-02 Aug-01 Aug-00 Aug-99 Aug-98


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