House Program Overview

House Program Overview


Since 1974, Vienna Youth Soccer has provided the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience. VYS offers programs that emphasize individual and team development for players of all skill and interest levels. Our recreational House Program is a great introduction to the game of soccer for new players, and is also a fantastic stepping stone for players who wish to compete at all levels. VYS is passionate about creating lifetime students of the game!



-U9-U19 Winter House League

-U5-U19 House League

-U5-U8 Development Center

-U4 Cubs

-30+ CoEd League

-TOPSoccer (for players with disabilities)

-Age Group Guidelines (which age group does my player fall under?)



2021 Winter U9-U19 House League

We are proud to introduce Vienna Youth Soccer’s first-ever 2021 Winter House League! U9-U19 players will have the opportunity to play team-based soccer with OUTDOOR games this Winter.

Worried about the cold? VYS will be providing game day bibs that fit over jackets, sweatshirts, and all other winter apparel. The VYS Winter House League will provide FUN & SOCIAL soccer games to our players while helping them stay sharp on the ball this Winter season!






Division Structure

  • The Winter League will be a game-day only system. Matches will be held weekly every weekend on Saturday. This means there will be no official practices held throughout the week.
  • Matches will still be officiated by registered officials each week


Team Uniform

  • As previously mentioned, VYS will provide a gameday bib to each registered player of the league. This special edition piece can be worn over jackets, sweatshirts, and all other winter apparel during games.
  • The Gameday bib will feature the player's number, and winning Name and Logo Designs!



U5-U19 House League

The VYS U5-U19 House League is our volunteer-based recreational program that emphasizes FUN, FRIENDSHIP, TEAMWORK, & SPORTSMANSHIP in a no-pressure environment. The House League is an 8-week program where teams practice 1-2 times a week and play games typically on Saturdays. Players receive uniforms from VYS and learn what it's like to play soccer in a team-based environment.


Please visit our U5-19 House League Webpage for more information!

U5-U8 Development Center

Is your House (recreation) player seeking more of a challenge and increased competition?

If "yes", then the VYS Development Center is the right place for your player.

The VYS Development Center is recommended for all House (recreation) players U5 - U8 (ages 5-8) who desire additional training and the opportunity to train with a professional coach.  

The Development Center model puts players’ development first with the focus and attention on the finer detail. Development Center values individual development, and will push players' skills to the limit. Each session will test and push the players technically and will master the ball over the eight-week program. 

Weekly training sessions are provided for U5-U8 age groups. Questions about the Development Center? Contact the Director of House Programs, Stephen Bird at


The Development Center goes by birth year (instead of grade year) age groups listed below:


          U5-U6: 1/1/2016 (oldest) to 12/31/2015(youngest)

U7-U8: 1/1/2013 (oldest) to 12/31/2014 (youngest)

Program Details

-Start Date: 4/09/21

-End Date: 6/04/21

-Price: $125

-Location: Oak Marr #2

Session One: 5-5:45pm (U5-U6)

Session Two: 6-6:45pm (U7-U8)

Session Three: 7-7:45pm (U7-U8)

(15-minute gap in between to allow players/parents to leave the field)



U4 Cubs

Welcome to the beginning of our exciting journey together. Vienna Youth Soccer is proud to provide young, aspiring children the perfect platform to learn about the most popular sport in the world -- soccer!

Led by our professional staff, U4 Cubs introduces the fundamentals of soccer to our youngest players.

The six-week curriculum has been developed to explore basic techniques, inspire a love for the game, be highly interactive and fun!


Program Details

-Start Date: 07/10/21

-End Date: 08/14/21

-Location: Murphy Field

-Price: $100

-Sessions will be held on Saturday mornings

Session 1: 9-9:45am 

Session 2: 10-10:45am


Session Makeup Policy
The U4 Cubs program will be held on a grass field. Sessions may be canceled due to rainfall or inclement weather. Please check the home page on the VYS website for field closures. If the field is closed, the session is canceled. If a cancellation occurs, the designated date will be used as a make up day. The season schedule does not allow for multiple makeup dates, should there be more than one cancellation.

30+ CoEd League

Please be on the lookout for more 30+ CoEd League information COMING SOON!

Program Details

-When? Friday nights 7-10PM

-Where? Oakton High School Field #3

-Start Date: 4/9

-End Date: 5/28

-Cost: $110

Questions? Email


TOPSoccer (for players with disabilities)

Please be on the lookout for more TOPSoccer information COMING SOON!


Goalkeeper Program

The VYS House Goalkeeper Program has been CANCELLED for the Fall 2020 season. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding the reopening of this program. 


AGE GROUP GUIDELINES (which age group does my player fall under?)


The VYS House Program will follow the FCPS school-age calendar (October 1 to September 30) to determine age groups and divisions. For questions about Age Group Guidelines, please contact the VYS Registrar at

**The Development Center program follows a birth year (instead of grade year) age group structure and can be found in the Development Center section above.


Age Group Guidelines for House Soccer (Fall 2020 - Spring 2021)

U4: Born between December, 2017 (youngest) - October 2016 (oldest)

U5: Born between September, 2016 (youngest) - October, 2015 (oldest)

U6: Born between September, 2015 (youngest) - October, 2014 (oldest)

U7: Born between September, 2014 (youngest) - October, 2013 (oldest)

U8: Born between September, 2013 (youngest) - October, 2012 (oldest)

U9: Born between September, 2012 (youngest) - October, 2011 (oldest)

U10: Born between September, 2011 (youngest) - October, 2010 (oldest)

U11: Born between September, 2010 (youngest) - October, 2009 (oldest)

U12: Born between September, 2009 (youngest) - October, 2008 (oldest)

U13-14: Born between September, 2008 (youngest) - October, 2006 (oldest)

U15-19: Born between September, 2006 (youngest) - October, 2001 (oldest)



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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.