Development Center Overview


Development Center

(For players born between 2009-2011) 

Requirement: must be registered for House Spring season

The Development Center model puts players’ development first with the focus and attention on the finer detail. The Center values individual development, teaching the game and player performance more than winning. Each session will test and push the players technically, socially, physically, and cognitively. It is open to both boys and girls who are registered in the VYS House League and recommended for players interested in transitioning to the Travel program.


Program details

4 Weeks/4 Weeks & 2 Games based on age group (see below)

Maximum Player to Coach ratio - 12:1

Friday evenings: One Hour Sessions, tentatively to begin between 5pm and 6pm

  • Hour 1 - 2010-2011 Boys and Girls
  • Hour 2 - 2009-2008 Girls
  • Hour 3 - 2009-2008 Boys


2011-2010 Boys and Girls      $80.00                     

  • includes player shirt
  • 4 weeks of training

2009-2008 Girls/Boys Cost:   $120.00      

  • includes player shirt
  • 4 weeks of training 
  • 2 games (games may be Academy or Club vs. Club) 


Program dates

Session 1: Friday April 7th

Session 2: Friday April 21st

Game 1: Saturday April 22nd

Session 3: Friday April 28th

Game 2: Saturday April 29th

Session 4: Friday May 5th

Make ups 

The Development Center will be held on a turf field. Cancellation is unlikely but may happen in the event of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms or bad inclement weather. If such a cancellation occurs, we will have one make up session. The season schedule does not allow for multiple make up dates should there be more than one cancellation.

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Identify: Those with great CHARACTER, TALENT, and a LOVE OF THE GAME

Develop: Team players, Skills, Heath/ Physical fitness and life skills

Allow and Encourage: Imagination and creativity

Maximize: Time

Good: Teaching, Role Models and Parent Support

Player Traits

Physical: Balance, strength, speed, agility, coordination, reaction, jumping, running

Technique: Introduction to skills, Repetitions, Attitude to attack

Psychology: Sharing, fair play, emotional management

Social: Ability to interact with others

Tactics:  Where is the field and goal oriented actions

Training Format

Warm-up: Fun games used to develop social skills and team work, ball work, movement related to the session theme

Physical Development: Fun games to develop balance, strength, speed, agility, coordination, reaction, jumping, running

Technical Development: Repetition of technique, multiple decisions, left and right foot

Small Sided Games: Repetition of technique, allow for imagination and creativity

Match: FUN, Encourage imagination and creativity

Game Format (2009-2008)

Academy games: Academy games are designed to maximize

  • Games are COMPETITIVE – No scores or league tables are kept
  • Every player plays a minimum of 50% (mandatory).
  • Every game will have a theme that relates to the curriculum and what the players have been working on in training.
  • Teams will be formed differently each week based on player performance and development. 

Club vs. Club:

  • Games are COMPETITIVE – No scores or league tables are kept
  • Every player plays a minimum of 50% (mandatory).

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