TRAVEL ACADEMY: About and Philosophy


The VYS Academy is for the players who are selected at tryouts to represent VYS soccer club in Travel Soccer.  It is a competitive soccer environment for players with a desire to develop their soccer abilities and love for the game.  Boys and girls ready to play competitive soccer, want to learn new skills, be challenged, and with the necessary commitment will benefit from playing in the Travel Academies.

Youth Academy programs have emerged as the 21st century alternative to the frustrating shortfalls in soccer development displayed by most pre-teens. This void is heavily influenced by coaching quality, the youth soccer environment, and the unhealthy pressures to win at critical periods in the development process.

The Youth Academy model seeks to improve individual player development, satisfaction and retention, and build a less-pressured youth soccer environment for coaches, adult spectators, and match officials.

While teams are important, the Academy’s focus is on developing players--not necessarily teams. We recognize that everyone develops at a different pace and this approach allows players to challenge themselves at the level that is right for them at any given moment.

Because of this approach, there are more eyes on individuals who continue to improve and develop, and as such, players will move between teams based on their performance and commitment level.  


Nurture a love, passion and respect for the game.  Beyond the game, we want our young players to gain valuable life lesson/skills that will benefit throughout their life such as; teamwork, responsibility, resilience, respect, leadership, ambition, work ethic, communication, adaptability, and discipline. 

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To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive,
high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community.

Mailing Address: Vienna Youth Soccer, Inc. | P.O. Box 993, Vienna, VA 22183  |  Phone: 703-242-3828