Cancellation Policy

Do not cancel a game assignment unless absolutely necessary.

The Referee Assignor understands that travel league schedules sometimes change at the last minute and that referees do get sick.

If you need to cancel a game assignment, you must do so by Wednesday midnight before the game. Any cancellation after the Wednesday midnight deadline will require a detailed explanation to be e-mailed to the VYS Referee Assignor. If the Referee Assignor is not satisfied with your explanation, or if you repeatedly cancel after the Wednesday midnight deadline, then the pay you would have earned will be deducted from your paycheck and you may no longer be permitted to referee for VYS.

To cancel a game assignment:

  1. Notify the VYS Referee Assignor by e-mail as soon as possible.

  2. If it is after the Wednesday midnight deadline, include a detailed explanation.

  3. If it is within a day before the game, also call the VYS Referee Assignor by phone; 703-319-0155 (h) and 703-403-2463 (cell).

  4. If possible, try to find a replacement referee for your game(s).

Questions?  Please contact the VYS Referee Assignor.

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