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-What is Travel Soccer?
-Is Travel more competitive than House?
-Can my child tryout for a different age group?
-How many players are selected for each team?
-How much time commitment is required?
-Do all players get equal playing time?
-How far away are games played?
-How are coaches selected for each team?


What is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer is a competitive soccer experience for players with a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and love of the game. Boys and girls who are ready to play competitive soccer, want to learn new skills, are ready to make the necessary commitment to play travel soccer and are ready to be trained by a professional, licensed coaching staff will benefit from playing for Vienna Youth Soccer.


Is Travel more competitive than House?

Yes. Travel leagues are organized into "divisions" with approximately 10 teams in each division. Division 1 is the most competitive or skilled, with the higher numbered divisions (4-6) being composed of developing teams. Under 11 (U-11) and older teams enter league play at the lowest division and progress upward according to their win/loss/tie record per season. The youngest travel soccer teams (U-9 and U-10) are randomly assigned to color-coded divisions (Red,  Black, White, Silver) and are allowed to develop before their w/l/t records produce rank at U-11.


How will my son or daughter be picked for a team?

VYS runs open tryouts in late Spring for all age groups (U9 – U19; Boys & Girls) to form teams for the following soccer year (fall and spring). All players are evaluated during these tryouts by the team coaches and additional evaluators. Selected players are placed on appropriate teams by the coaching staff. ECNL RL and VPSL teams are formed each year through this tryout process.


Can my child try out in a different age group?


A player may tryout in an older age group given approval by a Director of Coaching.


How many players are selected for each team?


Different age groups in travel soccer play with different game formats – and have different roster sizes. VYS encourages teams to carry fewer players than the maximum allowed in order to optimize playing time for each player. The following are the roster sizes for the different age groups in VYS.


U9-U10 Teams: 7 v 7 Game Format (10-12 players on each team) 

U11-U12 Teams: 9 v 9 Game Format (10-14 players on each team) 

U13-U16 Teams: 11 v 11 Game Format (14-18 players on each team) 

U17-U19 Teams: 11 v 11 Game Format (16-22 players on each team) 


How much time commitment is required?


Travel soccer teams train in two or three sessions per week (Fall and Spring). Practices are from 1.5 to 2 hours per session. The Fall and Spring seasons both last about 12 weeks: Fall from mid-August to early November, and Spring from mid-March to June. Teams typically play 8 to 10 games each season. Most games are played on Sundays, but there will be some Saturday games each season. Teams usually play one or more preseason scrimmages and 2 to 4 tournaments per year, depending upon the age group and competitive level of the team. Off season (Summer and Winter), travel teams also have training sessions. Travel players are expected to attend all team practices and games.


Do all children get equal playing time?

As these are competitive teams, it is common for the participation level of individuals to vary within a team. Soccer is a team sport and coaches work on developing both team and individual skills.


How far away are games played?

Depends on the league.  ENCL RL and VPSL games are all within the State of Virginia while most other League games are played in the DC Metro Area.


How are the coaches selected for each team?

The VYS travel soccer program employs professional coaches. Each coach is licensed and background checked.

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