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Since 1974, Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) has fostered A LIFETIME OF SOCCER within the greater Northern Virginia area.  VYS embraces its passionate community members, welcoming fans, players, parents, and volunteers. With an emphasis on community, wellness, and diversity, our club seeks to ignite a lifetime love and celebration of the beautiful game – SOCCER! 


The VYS Travel Program challenges our players to develop as players and leaders while competing at a high level. VYS Travel players should expect experiential learning and a holistic approach led by the professional coaching staff.




Every family that participates in TOPS Soccer, U4 Cubs, House League and Programs, Travel, and Adult, is part of our incredible COMMUNITY.  It’s community and the sense of togetherness that underpins everything we do at VYS.



We believe in VALUES, such as passion, courage, and competitiveness.



We believe that we are all STUDENTS FOR LIFE, both on and off the field. 




-2020-2021 Age Group Matrix

-VYS House Players (School Year vs. Birth Year)

-Academy and Team Structure

-Phoenix and Eagles Teams

-Travel Fees and Financial Aid

-Training Schedule & Number of Practices

-Athletic Trainers 

-Leagues (ECNL Regional League, VPSL, NCSL)

-Contact Us




Age GroupBirth Year



-Players born in 2013 may tryout for U9.











Can my child tryout in a different age group?

A player may tryout in an older age group given approval by a Director of Coaching.


VYS HOUSE PLAYERS (School Year vs. Birth Year)


The Vienna House Program uses School Year guidelines, which are different from the Birth Year guidelines that our Travel teams use.  This can lead to some confusion when making the transition from House to Travel.  If you have questions about what age group your son or daughter is eligible to play in, please email Stephen Bird.


Commonly asked questions:

-Can my son or daughter tryout? 

-What age group are they?


House Team Example

-Player 1 was born on October 1, 2012 (Yes! You are a U9 player)

-Player 2 was born on December 29, 2012 (Yes! You are a U9 player)

-Player 3 was born on January 1, 2013 (Yes, but you would be playing up with the 2012’s)

-Player 4 was born on March 22, 2013 (Yes, but you would be playing up with the 2012’s)

-Player 5 was born on April 6, 2013 (Yes, but you would be playing up with the 2012’s)




What is an Academy?

-An Academy is an entire age group.  

Example: U9 Red, Black, White, Silver, and Gold make up the U9 Academy.


-Starting at U11, our Red teams start competing in ECNL Regional League (Girls) and VPSL (Boys).   It's at this time the Red teams become Eagles (Boys) and Phoenix (Girls) teams.  Those teams are still part of their age group Academy.  

Example: U11 Eagles, Black, White, and Silver make up the U11 Boys Academy.


Click here for the coaching slate!


Phoenix and Eagles


Phoenix and Eagles Teams are the elite squads (U11-U19) within our competitive program. Representing VYS Phoenix and Eagles teams means taking part in an highly competitve soccer experience that demands hard work and responsibility. This challenging but rewarding experience aims to develop our top players to compete at the highest possible level. 


Phoenix and Eagles team fee stucture varies due to the following added benefits and opportunities for these players.



-Phoenix Teams: ECNL Regional League

-Boys Teams: VPSL 


-Professional Assistant Coach 


-Practices:  Starting at U13 Phoenix and Eagles Teams will train separately from the rest of the age group academy.  





-Game film (Veo) 

This is new for 2020-2021!  Games will be recorded and housed online for both players and coaches to use for team/player feedback and college recruitment. 


-Tournaments may be local, regional or national 

Attended in 2019-2020:

-Jefferson Cup







For more information about Travel Fees, please click here.


For more information about Financial Aid, please click here




Training Schedule



-Sessions are either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

-Eagles and Phoenix will also practice on Fridays



-Early start times are between 5:00-6:00

-Late start times are between 6:30-8:00



-The location will be determined after the club has received permits.

-All training sites are in the greater Vienna area.


When should I expect to receive the schedule?

-VYS practice schedules are not available until approximately two weeks prior to the season.  However, VYS will endeavor to provide the schedule to all as early as possible. 


Number of Practices


U9-U10 Teams

Red: 2

Black: 2

White: 2

Silver: 2

Gold: 2


U11-U19 Teams

Eagles/Phoenix: 3

Black: 2

White: 2

Silver: 2



(Click here to see our practice schedule) 




U13-U16 teams will have a certified Athletic Trainer (AT) present at one training session per week.  If a U9-U12 or U17-U19 player is in need of evaluation they can attend any U13-U16 session when the trainer is present. 


Why we believe it is important to have a certified Athletic Trainer present:


VYS Commitment to Player Safety 

-Knowing a licensed healthcare professional is on the field to assist when an injury occurs may save you a trip to urgent care/emergency room by speaking with AT first

-Assisting with general to specific medical/orthopedic questions

-Providing recommendations about the most appropriate next steps

-Available to any VYS athlete


Injury prevention

-Taping, bracing, wrapping, splinting, stretching, etc.

-Concussion management



Injury evaluation and rehabilitation

-Acute, on-field to chronic, overuse injuries

-The ability for AT to provide an athlete with a home exercise program/basic rehab when appropriate to speed recovery

-Skilled in emergency situation management




VYS participates in a variety of leagues throughout the fall and spring seasons to enhance team and individual development.




Our Phoenix and Eagles teams play in the ECNL Regional League (ECNL RL) and Virginia Premier Soccer League (VPSL).  Both leagues provide a pathway to competition at the state, regional and national levels.



Our Academy (non-Eagle and Phoenix) teams play in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL).  Teams will play games against clubs primarily from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.  Each season (fall and spring) teams will play 8-9 games.


Schedules do vary, but a typical schedule will include half of the games at home locations and half of the games at away locations. 




Technical Director

Kevin James


Contact me if you have questions about:

-Coach interest



Girls Travel Soccer: Girls Director of Coaching

Michel Vanderhart


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-Questions about girls Travel soccer



Boys Travel Soccer: Boys Director of Coaching

Steve Lehany


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-Questions about boys Travel soccer



Operations Manager

Oscar Leon


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-Demosphere account issues
-Travel registration 
-Travel Volunteers
-Preguntas en español



Contact Us

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.